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Created to simply be an example of what an actual success story is like. SimDiva shows every aspect of my personal journey-- my highs & lows, my process, my opened doors & my closed doors . People will see the realistic aspects of my journey to fulfilling my destiny. My website is an anchor, a staple, a headquarters for real motivation and inspiration.

My birth name is Desimber, yup! Like the month (December). I know you're probably wondering why my mom named me December right? Maybe, because my birthday is December 24, 1993, I'm not sure * Giggles *, but enough about Desimber you're here for SimDiva... She's my alter ego, she was created when I was about 16. When I was 16, I went into full "Diva" mode with a love for shoes and a burst of Ambition!  SimDiva is the Girl Boss side of me, the "Go-Getter", the Alpha female that doesn't take "No" or "Impossible" for an answer. I was a two time entrepreneur by the age of 22 years old (I'm now 24 years old). I have a burning passion for motivating and empowering other people. I love when people realize that, they too can follow their dreams. On the flip side I want everyone to understand that NOTHING will be easy! I'm going to share my entire journey through I'll also be sharing some important moments, people and who I really am. Come along on my journey with me but, warning the content that I will share is going to inspire, motivate and empower.