#TheShoeBarBySimDiva : 

A modern, chic shoe bar for all local and international ambitious women to purchase exclusive heels to compliment her fierce work ethic and productive lifestyle. The Shoe Bar platform sets a comforting tone for inspiring and empowering women to share HERstories-- success stories of women becoming the best version of who they dream to be.


I'm Keeping my promise to those that are following my journey. Although pride, people passing judgement,or simply not understanding can sometimes make you not want to share things. I had to, it was such a huge bridge to cross for me. People say it's risky to share your religious beliefs while branding, but this message is deeper than branding and bigger than me. I can't hide my relationship with God. This journey that I'm on was written by him, hopefully you all understand. My life, my businesses, my brand is all bigger than me. It's all for a purpose and that's why it all means so much to me. Remember, " The goal is, to be an innovator, to be inspirational, to be iconic. My goal is to develop the best version of myself. -Love SimDiva